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OUNS: Nexuiz Player List


Quick Info

Other Names:won't tell, it wouldn't be an alias if i told u would it?
Clan: eXecut0rs
Player Model:a quark but sometimes a huge middle finger up yo ass
Model Color: wtf??? i r no racist
Favorite Weapon: RL ftw, nex pwns, mortar is for me cuz i elitezer, electro cuz i r sparkx
Preferred Game Style:i likez da ctf but i playz 1v1, deathmatch, minsta... ev3rything
Location:where u dont look and in ur lightbulb
Language: i speak the language of p0wn4g3 combining the art of ownage and dialogue of 'pwn' with a lil bit of math tho i r the only one master this language

Additional Info

OS: i dont need 1
Links: coming suun
Misc: I r da lightning fast pwning machine (bio-weapon= half-machine half-organic) of p0wnag3 capable of infinite amount of p0wn4ag3 per nano second.

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