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Welcome to the OUNS help page


First of all, you should be aware that this is a wiki that anyone can edit, so we keep track of the changes and are able to restore any mistake you could make. So don't worry if you mess up, just contact an experienced member like 4m or Mr. Bougo, or use the discussion area.
You can find more info on the syntax used by DokuWiki on this page. Feel free to ask for help on the discussion area.

Creating a new page

Read the formatting rules before creating a page

Page naming

These rules are very important for consistency in our database. Please respect them.

  • Use lowercase characters only.
  • A page's name can contain letters, digits, and, only “inside” the name, the “special characters” . - and _. That means you can't call a page “_foo”, it will be renamed to “foo”, though “f_oo” is allowed.
  • Therefore, please omit special characters in page names, or replace them with alphanumeric characters. For example, ”@” can become “a”.
  • Spaces are allowed, but not recommended. So are hyphens (-) and periods (.).

Linking to another page


To link to a page, use this syntax


This is what you see in your browser's address bar when you are on the page. For example, if I want to link to the player 4m, I write this on my page:


because on the 4m page the address is
If you are making a link from a player page to another player page, you can omit the player: prefix. The same goes for links from clan to clan, with the clan: prefix, and any other links between pages in the same namespace (don't worry if you don't know what a namespace means).
See here for a list of codes you can use if you can't figure out how to link to a page.

External links

External links are automatically created when you type an URL. If the link is not correctly made, you can always put it between two pairs of square brackets, like this:

[[ url will have a problem because it contains spaces so I put brackets around it]]

Will look like this: url will have a problem because it contains spaces so I put brackets around it
This URL looks very long so I can shorten it that way:

[[ url will have a problem because it contains spaces so I put brackets around it|Problematic url]]

It will then look like this: Problematic url


To have a consistent structure on the wiki, there are some rules that should always be respected:

  • All the clan pages should respect the basic structure, though you are allowed to add/remove detail fields. Basically, anything under the page's title (where you put your player name) is up to you.
  • Don't create namespaces for your clan (that is, don't use a colon ”:” in the page's name)
  • Create your clan page using the new clan page form on the clan list, to be sure it's put in the right place.
  • Use a name respecting the naming rules, along with these:
    • If your clan's tag is one character, use the clan's full name if it exists. If it doesn't, use a related name.
    • If it contains more than one character, use it as the page name.
    • If it contains special characters, replace or omit them in the page name. Don't omit them if that leaves only one character.
    • Exception: if your clan is considered as important in the history of the community (that is, has existed for a long time for example), it can get the one-character page name.
    • Examples:
Name of the clan Tag of the clan Page name Reason
Monks of Nexuiz [MoN] mon All alphanumeric characters.
Lunetist [+] lunetist Special character → full clan name.
? [?] questionmark The clan has no full name.
question A shorter alternative.
Caprisun Club [c$un] csun The $ looks like a s, so it makes sense to use this instead.
mAD' mAD' mad There I remove the special character.
C Sharp C# csharp There is a special character but if I remove it leaves only a C, so I use the full name.
c sharp If I absolutely need the space, I use it.
The {X} Community {X} x The {X} community has been up for a long time, it deserves the one-lettered pagename.

You can list the members in your clan following the syntax that is already in it, that is, two spaces, an asterisk (*), one space, then the player's name. Feel free to use another method, if you wish.

  • Important! If a player in your clan has a player page on OUNS, please link to his page, as seen on Linking to another page.

Clan list


Player page names should respect the same rules as normal pages, along with these:

  • Create your clan page using the new player page form on the player list, to be sure it's put in the right place.
  • Don't include clan information in the name, as this can change and renaming pages is a bit annoying and risky.
  • Please be sure that you want to keep this page name. You can still change your nickname in the title of the page.
  • If your nickname conflicts with another, add a “2” at the end of your page name, for example. If the player is not active anymore, you can ask an admin to rename him.

See Linking to another page for more info on links, if you want to make a link to your clan, or your favourite weapon, or any other page on OUNS.
Player list

Adding a clan or a player to the list

First of all, you have to create the player/clan page, see Creating a new page for more info.
When you are done with that, go to the clans or the players page, depending on what kind of page you just created, and hit the “edit this page” button. There you will see the page's code. Don't be afraid, it's not so hard to modify it.

  • If you are modifying the players page

Navigate to the first letter of your nexuiz name (not your clan!) and add a new line where it should be. You must respect the alphabetical order. Then all you have to do is type your new page name between two pairs of square brackets, like this:


It's that simple!
Note that it will show up in the list as the title you set in your player page, so if you change this title don't forget to move the link in the player list to respect the alphabet.

  • If you are modifying the clans page

The process is pretty much the same as for players, but you need to put them in the category they belong to. Also, you need to insert two spaces, one asterisk, and another space, then your clan's page name in two pairs of square brackets, like this:

  * [[clan]]
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