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O.U.N.S. F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's O.U.N.S.?

The Official Unofficial Nexuiz Site. It started here:

This wiki is empty!

This wiki is all fresh! It was launched on October 15th (the DokuWiki one), all the old content is still on but we are slowly moving the pages.
If you want to help us moving, that will make us extra happy! Drop a message here!

I'm not allowed to edit the pages!

Yes you are! If you want to edit pages other than clans and players, you need to make an account (there is a button on the bottom of each page). We need to know who edits what, to be able to contact them if they do something wrong.

What is Nexuiz?

A free MMO FPS game by Alientrap.
Nexuiz is written in the C and QuakeC programming language.
More info on:

Where can I get it? How do I install it?

Here (Alientrap).
See the official FAQ for technical details

I need help...

...with Nexuiz

For technical issues, read the official Nexuiz FAQ.
If you are a new player, you may want to read the basic information for new Nexuiz players.
You will also find tips and tricks on the Tips and tricks page.

For more detailed How-tos and FAQs, check out the Technical How-tos and FAQs Forum on Nexuiz Ninjaz.

You can get more help on the official forum or on the IRC channels #nexuiz on or #alientrap on

...with OUNS

Help on formatting can be found here: Formatting Syntax
OUNS-specific help and rules can be found here: Help

How can I get more help?

Can I contribute ?

Yes, you can! There's alot to do:
You may donate money to the Nexuiz team, you could create or modify some content (maps, sounds, mods, skins, textures, tutorials, wallpapers, icons, screensavers, etc...), collect the plenitude of content and information and help sorting it or help new players find their way. Have a look at the OUNS ToDo list to see what else needs to be done here, or the Notepad for random ideas. Last but not least, remember you can modify the pages on OUNS to correct errors or add information. Even spell-checking would be a great help! ;)

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