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Link list

Here is a list of “codes” you can use to link to other pages, if you don't know what to do.


Laser [[item:laser]]
Shotgun [[item:shotgun]]
Machine Gun [[item:machinegun]]
Electro [[item:electro]]
Mortar [[item:mortar]]
Crylink [[item:crylink]]
Nex [[item:nex]]
Hagar [[item:hagar]]
Rocket Launcher [[item:rocketlauncher]]
Port-O-Launch [[item:porto]]
Minsta Nex [[item:minstanex]]
Grappling Hook [[item:grapplinghook]]
T.A.G. Seeker [[item:seeker]]
Heavy Laser Assault Cannon [[item:hlac]]
Camping Rifle [[item:campingrifle]]
@#!%'n Tuba [[item:tuba]]

Game Modes

Deathmatch [[game:dm]]
Team Deathmatch [[game:tdm]]
Capture the Flag (CTF) [[game:ctf]]
Minsta [[game:minsta]]
KeyHunt [[game:kh]]
Arena [[game:arena]]
Domination [[game:dom]]
Last Man Standing [[game:lms]]
Onslaught [[game:ons]]
Assault [[game:as]]
Runematch [[game:rune]]
Race [[game:race]]

Player Models

Armored Carni [[model:armored carni]]
Carni [[model:carni]]
Felicia [[model:felicia]]
Fricka [[model:fricka]]
Grunt [[model:grunt]]
Headhunter [[model:headhunter]]
Heroine [[model:heroine]]
Insurrectionist [[model:insurrectionist]]
Lurk [[model:lurk]]
Lycanthrope [[model:lycanthrope]]
Jaguar [[model:jaguar]]
Marine [[model:marine]]
Monk [[model:monk]]
Mulder [[model:mulder]]
Nexus [[model:nexus]]
Pyria [[model:pyria]]
Quark [[model:quark]]
Reptile [[model:reptile]]
Shock Trooper [[model:shock trooper]]
Skadi [[model:skadi]]
Specop [[model:specop]]
Spy [[model:spy]]
Suiseiseki [[model:suiseiseki]]
Xolar [[model:xolar]]

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