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  1. Move the OUNS content (not player or clanpages) to this wiki
  2. Move the most important player or clan pages after that
  3. ????
  4. Profit!

What seriously?

Well, point 1 and 2 are a good base already.

Now here are some specific things to do:

  1. Make map pages for the few maps that ship with the basic nexuiz install (that is, the campaign maps)
  2. Orphaned and Wanted pages should be created or otherwise dealt with.

Pages to watch

  • None right now!

Things that have been done!

  1. Gametypes! Their pages need to be filled. Filled with love. FIXED :D
  2. Make pages for every mutator. Fixed. --- PlasmaSheep 2009/11/25 11:43
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