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Impulse codes

Impulses are commands that are sent to the server from the client and cause stuff to happen. They are called by:

impulse xyz

Where xyz is one of:

Number Effect
0 Reserved (no input)
1 Laser/Tuba
2 Shotgun
3 Machine Gun/Rifle
4 Mortar
5 Electro
6 HLAC/Crylink
7 Nex/MinstaNex
8 Hagar
9 Rocket Launcher/Fireball
10 Next weapon according to linear list
11 Most recently used weapon
12 Previous weapon according to linear list
13 Best weapon according to priority list
14 Port-O-Launch/Hook
15 Next weapon according to priority list
16 Previous weapon according to priority list
17 Throw weapon
18 Next weapon according to sbar_hudselector 1 list
19 Previous weapon according to sbar_hudselector 1 list
20 Reload if possible
30 Personal waypoint at your location
31 Personal waypoint at crosshair location
32 Personal waypoint at last death location
33 'Help Me' above you
34 'Here' at your location
35 'Here' at crosshair
36 'Here' at last death location
37 'Danger' at your location
38 'Danger' at crosshair
39 'Danger' at last death location
47 Clear personal waypoints
48 Clear all waypoints
77 Return the flag you are carrying and teleport to the position you put a g_waypointsprite_personal
99 Grants all weapons, 999 ammo, health, and armor (needs sv_cheats 1)
140 Moving clone (needs sv_cheats 1)
141 Teleports you to base, resets the flag, health, ammo, gives you all weapons on the map (needs sv_cheats 1)
142 Static clone (needs sv_cheats 1)
143 Emergency teleport (needs sv_cheats 1)
144 Prints info about surface (needs sv_cheats 1)
145 Distance between you and crosshair (needs sv_cheats 1)
148 Trigger explosion (needs sv_cheats 1)
200-209 Cycles cl_weaponpriorityx (where x=0-9) backwards
210-219 Cycles cl_weaponpriorityx (where x=0-9) by preference
220-229 Cycles cl_weaponpriorityx (where x=0-9) forwards
230 Laser
231 Shotgun
232 Machine Gun
233 Mortar
234 Electro
235 Crylink
236 Nex
237 Hagar
238 Rocket Launcher
239 Port-O-Launch
240 Minsta Nex
241 Grappling Hook
242 Heavy Laser Assault Cannon
243 @#!%'n Tuba
244 Camping Rifle
245 Fireball
246-253 Reserved for future weapons
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