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Welcome on OUNS,!
Important links:

We Need you! OUNS IRC Help!

THE PAGES OUTSIDE “CLAN” AND “PLAYER” are edit-protected for guests. Please make an account if you want to edit the other wiki content.
This is needed so the admins can know who edited the pages to be able to contact them if they do something wrong.

What is OUNS?

OUNS stands for the Official Unofficial Nexuiz Site wiki. It is made by Nexuiz players, for Nexuiz players to share information and software relating to the free open-source first person shooter, Nexuiz.

What can I find here?

Here you can find lists of clans, players, IRC channels, models and information about great websites like Nexuiz Ninjaz which help new users get their bearings. Visit our Chat if you need more help.

How does it work?

OUNS can be edited by anyone, that makes it a great place to share what you know about Nexuiz and its community. If you want to contribute, please read the help page.
OUNS is using DokuWiki, a GPL wiki.

Cool, can I help?

We'd love for you to help out where you can. Take a look at our ToDo list or tell us your ideas on the discussion page. Feel free to edit as much as you want. All changes can be reverted.

Tip: You can use the sandbox to experiment with formatting.
Get help here: OUNS Help

How do I create my player/clan page?

See here.

Where do you recommend I start?

If you are a new user, it's recommended you visit these sites for their thorough FAQ's, How-tos and general information about getting started: Xeno's Page, and Nexuiz Ninjaz.

Who runs this and how can I contact them?

OUNS is run primarily by 4m, aka amoebios, you can contact him here.

I have another question, where can I ask it?

First of all, see if it wasn't already answered in the FAQ.
If you still need help, try the discussion page, or contact the experienced users if they have a contact page.

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