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We need you!

Dear OUNS user, member, whatever, as you can see, this shiny wiki is sort of empty. Sadly, we cannot retrieve the old page database from wikispaces, so we need to start from scratch. I say sadly, but actually there's more happy than sad in this little problem. Why is this?

OUNS on wikispaces was a real mess, not organized, having loads of redirects, no consistency... The problem is that people were not much guided in the page creating process, thus they made mistakes, for which we can't blame them. Thanks to DokuWiki, which is way more interesting than the closed-source wikispaces software, we can now help the users some more, using templates and categorizing almost automatically. I think this is a good basis to start from.

For those of you who were familiar with wikitext from wikispaces, please note that DokuWiki's syntax is very similar, the main differences being the heading syntax, no need to insert a table of contents manually, and the linking "strategies" (see here for more advanced info)
There is also a big difference in the structure, DokuWiki actually allows hierarchizing. This is done by namespaces, though you don't need to understand them to create pages.

Here is how you can help us:
The experienced users will take care of the game-related page porting, but everyone is encouraged to make his own player page (see the Help for more info), and clan page too, if he has one. We want to move completely from the old OUNS on wikispaces to this one.

Of course, the old wiki will stay for a while, but in readonly state, as we don't want two OUNSes. That way, the old content will be still accessible, waiting to be ported here.

If you want to link to content from the other OUNS, port it here first, or ask an experienced user to do it. Don't put a link on the old website!

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