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cool cats clan

Quick Info

Founder: Kitten
Tag: [ccc]
About: The Cool Cats Clan is about having fun and being social. We are a very carefree clan.
We tell jokes, chat randomly (especially you steiner) and pretty much, do what we please...
We have a few allies, PB, Dave, FN, you name it =)

Why you should join you ask?
well. I'm not sure why, why would you join a clan anyway?

How to join (for those who are interested)

You may ask, if you want. We'll either decline, or let you be under consideration, where you only wear one out of the two tags.
Then, you must have at least 3 clan members who vote “yes” in an internal voting procedure.
All CCC members may invite players.


  • -Kitten-
  • Sebastian
  • Steiner
  • Shin
  • Drakula
  • Xet
  • Catnip Korgoth
  • Flayer
  • Aureilia

Member Bios: by Kitten


Seb is fun to have around, he plays Hide and Seek with me,
Likes spamming, and is very inquisitive. His grammar needs work, but I'll help him


Steiner is the brains, he knows all about my Mac leopard which he thinks is unrealeased), is a HUGE fan of electro music, zombie films. and confusing kitten with their names like... Dead of the night, and all that. quite insightful


Shin bilirubin is...well I havn't seen him for awhile


Ah Drakula, He's one of those players who balances bloody massacres with chatting. He's funny, and speacks in caps. I see him often, and many intentive conversations eventually lead to a LOL epidemic. A balanced player, a balanced clan


Xet is a fun player, who at first though CCC was too good for him. We are, but I let him in because he's nice to have around, and he's quite social. alot of lolz were spent on this player.


Kitten (aka me) is a well ronouned player, preffereing not to frag, he enjoys chattting, advertising his clan CCC, writing binds and generally causing havoc with his clone attacks!


Flayers is a pokenerd (no offense). He's funny he loves peace party's and he needs a smidge work on his english lolz


Katgoth is a funny player addicted to Yak-blood laced catnip


Otherwise known as Feonica, Aureilia is a Nexuiz veteraness of the Nexuiz world, pity she can't work out how to connect to the internet during some evenings xD

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