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Quick Info

Founder: Dave
Tag: [Dave]
Website: Dave
About: The purpose of the Dave clan is to celebrate the greatness of the player Dave. Anyone may join, bots included of course. The rules are to never use silly internet slang beyond :) and gg and to destroy something big.
Members include anyone named Dave, accidental or not.
To join, change your name to Dave or add the feared [Dave] tag in front of your name.
Everybody conforming to the Core Values can join.

Core Values of the Dave clan

  1. There is no honour in sniping.
  2. Camping is fine, spawncamping is evil.
  3. The grappling hook has no place in a CTF match.
  4. A good player masters all gamemodes.
  5. Always help new players learn the game.
  6. The following combinations of characters should be avoided at all costs:
    • “w00t” “n00b” “pwnd” “lol” “omg” “AOL” “cheater” “camper” “Halo”
    • variants and misspellings of the above
  7. The only tolerable text keybinds are “gg” and “ns”
  8. It is better to immolate in one's own rocket than to die by enemy fire.
  9. The following game settings should be used:
    • default gamma, highest resolution supported by monitor, fov 110
  10. Never buy an ATI video card.
  11. Do not swear in game, it's mean and there could be children playing.


  • Beowolf
  • Dave
  • Touchpad_Fun
  • YellowSubmarine
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