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OUNS: Nexuiz Clan List


Motto - Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Quick Info

Tag: ^eX.
About: The name concept is derived from expulsion, people who don't get social acceptance easily? This could only be a concept of Feonica. While the clan name is very much in Feonica's head the overall leadership is held by Radiohead. A dedicated trustworthy leader is whats needed in these desperate times of reformating Nexuiz's minsta scene. The three squads have different figure heads, look below for that info.


We have two squads:

Squad 1: Team Deathmatch Squad

Team Deathmatch Squad is headed by Radiohead. If you wish to join there ask at the forum, currently only participating in Minsta TDM.

Squad 2: Capture The Flag Squad

Capture The Flag Squad is headed by Feonica. If you wish to join ask at the forum, currently only participating in Minsta CTF.


  1. ^eXiLe 2.5.1 (DM)(Minsta|Hook) - Hook is able to be turned on or off by masters ^eX. DM Minsta|Hook Stats
  2. ^eXiLe 2.5.1 (CTF) (Minsta|Hook) ^eX. CTF Minsta|Hook Stats
  3. ^eXiLe 2.5.1 (1on1) (Minsta|Hook) - If you know how to turn on killing let us know at our forums ^eX. 1on1 Minsta|Hook Stats
  4. ^eXiLe Private Server (Scrims) (Internal Tournaments) (Official Matches)

All servers could change, depends on popularity, They are currently under usage tests to see how many people they attract.

Admins / Staff

  • Radiohe4d - Forum Administrator / Server Admin /


Clan Members

Team Deathmatch Squad

Capture The Flag Squad


  • Katana Invitational 2on2 ⇒ 3:0 (Winners: Radiohead / Feonica 25/07/2009)

Official Invitational Tournaments (all members of nexuiz)

Coming Soon


  • Tutorials
  • Help
  • Videos
  • Tournaments
  • Player / Model Animation
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