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Heriot Watt

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Tag: [HW]
About: Its just our uni in scotland (=Heriot Watt). We are 3 guys phds in a lab playing all day and studying at night :)

“Everytime a noob is nexed, a baby dolphin dies.” [HW]PainFedora6
“I need funding for my PhD. Discount prices for Aspirin available. Who knows, maybe I can taylor-make your own drug for the right price.” [HW]DonCorleone
“Neabody undrestands woot I sae. And I'm in my oun contry! Hilarious, aye?” [HW]Cammy
“This person is a bit xsax”
A ctf game in a public server without xsax moderately trolling is half the fun. There should be a bot assigned with speciffic politically correct binds when you kill it in each team saying stuff like “same gender s.x... attracted person))” or “out))” etc etc....
”-Emmm don its 13.00 propably we need to go 4 lunch. -One more, one more its facing.-Erm don its 13.15 and im hungry...-Cmon Misio and mirio joined...-Don its chicken tikka today and 13.30! -Xsax (CCC) joined! -oh what the hell...g** fedora)) ”

A happy everyday day in our room...
9.15. Pain enters first. 9.17→morning frags,only the GMT+2 people around
9.35 Cammy enters, with 10fps from our room, he frags the bots.
9.40-10.00 Don Corleone Enters. Still half sleeping due to the numerous fire alarms he survided the night in campus, he first checks in which CTF server he can play 1-1 CTF.
10.30 Pain goes for a baguette...chicken mayo
11.45- Whole team prelunch frags...
12-30 lunch
13-00-14.30 post lunch frags.
14.-15 don goes to play with his toys, that is oscillatory baffled reactor etc, pain plays with his pc, and cammy plays with trying to find free ram for his antique desktop in ebay.
15-17 research
17-18 evening frags, just be4 we leave for our lives...

[HW] operates office hours only!

[HW] is proudly sponsored by microbyte chicken mayo sandwiches exclusively


  • Painfedora6
  • DonCorleone
  • Cammy
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