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OUNS: Nexuiz Clan List

The Nexuiz Fun Clan

Quick Info

Founder: Master of Disaster, Essiance
Tag: [NFC]
IRC: Nope, may comming soon xD
About: The Nexuiz Fun Clan is a clan for german players. It's the most active and best (of course xD) german Minsta clan. Of course we want to have some Deathmatch players, apply if you want to join. The Clan was founded on 6th December of 2007. Now, we're a big clan with 9 members, 2 inactive. We're a nice group and have a lot of fun on MinstaCTF server and so on. Our first clanwar in November 2009 was against Legion of Caps, another german clan, well-known for their activity and teamplay on Tunichtguten-Server. We played an 4on4 on 4 maps and won with 4:0 :) A lot of “4”, you're right :) If you have some questions, write an e-mail to or ask our members or admins while they're playing or on our website



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