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Capture the Flag (CTF)

In capture the flag there are two teams, Red and Blue1). The objective of the game is to capture your opponent's flag and return it to the flag in your base. That means it is not possible to capture while the enemy is carrying your flag.


Classic scoring

The default scoring system awards 1 point for every time a player kills an enemy (subtracting 1 for killing a teammate or killing yourself) and 20 points for every time a player captures the enemy flag and returns it to their base.

2.5 possibilities

Some servers that are run on the SVN development version of Nexuiz have a different scoring system in which only one point is awarded for capturing the flag and no points are given for kills.
Game developers are constantly improving CTF. For example, CSQC allows clients to have a radar located in ther top left corner of the screen (can be customized), showing the location of your teammates.


Another scoring system is the same as the default scoring system, but awards 100 points for flag captures, making kills obsolete compared to captures and encouraging player to focus on the real objective of the game.
The point rewards can be modified at will using g_ctf* cvars.

1) Very rarely there are also Pink and Yellow teams, this is known as Rogue CTF
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