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Ammo Type Consumption (pri) Consumption (sec) Default Keybind
n/a one-use n/a 0

Official info

The port-o-launch is the perfection of movement. The grenade it launches creates two portals. On the first impact it creates the entrance portal, on the second impact the exit portal. If you enter the first one you (or others players and also projectiles!!) will be teleported to the second portal. As the first portal will teleport everything it can't be hit but the second portal is quite fragile and, because of the used wormhole technology, will take the other portal along if it lost too much energy. The wormhole is also the reason why the portals energy decays after some time. You can replenish the energy by simply teleporting something through it.

More details

When you fire the port-o-launch, a capsule is shot, bounces off the first surface it hits, creating a red portal. Then it creates a blue portal on the next surface. If the capsule fails at creating a portal, it tries to come back to you. If it flies out of range the capsule disappears.
It is a one-shot weapon, you lose it after using it.
Players can enter the red portal to go out of the blue one. It can't be done the other way. Projectiles can be transported too.
Portals must be used frequently or they disappear. It is also possible to kill a portal by attacking the blue side, or by killing the player who created it. The portal's health is regenerated when it is used.

If you have the flag and you go trough the portal, you lose the flag. This is a very good flag protection; just put a portal on your flag. :-)

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