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OUNS: Nexuiz Player List


Quick Info

Other Names: Laser Bitch, Laser Ninja, Lag Panda
Clan: None
Player Model: Generally blue, although sometimes I choose whatever blends into the map best
Model Color: that one robot guy... Quark, I think.
Favorite Weapon: LASER LASER LASER, and occasionally the Machine Gun
Preferred Game Style: Standard Deathmatch. No need to get so damn fancy with it.
Location: Arizona
Language: English

Additional Info

OS: Puppy Linux, but only because Windows XP broke.
Misc: I am a laser whore. The Laser is my absolute favorite weapon. It completely and totally defines my playing style. Without it, I'm not even sure I would play Nexuiz.

If you see a blue robot bouncing around like a crackhead on a pogostick, it's definitely me.

When I'm not busy laserjumping around, chances are I'm camping in an interesting spot on the map, or trying to get into said position. After I'm in that position, I'll probably end up just lasering whoever walks past. It's fun. If the map doesn't have any cool spots, I'll often just run around lasering everyone anyways.

If the map allows, I also think it's particularly hilarious to hide up high or somewhere unexpected, and bounce grenades right next to unsuspecting players. The effect that I'm shooting for is not to pop them in the back (that's what the laser is for), but rather to freak them out as my grenades appear seemingly out of nowhere and bounce past them. The reactions are great.

When I'm actually playing seriously, I'm actually not that bad. Seriously. Ask Xeno The Blind. I'm a fair hand with the Rocket Launcher, and I do rather enjoy MG sniping.

Version 1.2.1 was my favorite release. The weapon settings were interesting in that they seemed to slow down gameplay a bit (I'm ambivalent about whether that's good or bad), but what I really loved was the performance. With things set just right, my framerate was blisteringly fast. It was absolutely delightful.

I haven't really played seriously since then since later releases dropped the framerate significantly, sometimes unplayably so, not to mention a lack of local servers, as well as the demands of stupid meatspace. Sigh.

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