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Quick Info

Other Names:
Clan: [RANDO]
Player Model:
Model Color:
Favorite Weapon: Board w/ nail, rocks (for the trespassersby)
Preferred Game Style: That one where you run around and shoot people. I forget what it's called.
Location: In a treehouse on a branch in a tree in a jungle on the southern tip of Madagascar, Africa.
Language: Randomian, Madagascarianishlanese,

Additional Info

I am RANDOMAN and I like carrots. I usually type in all caps until people get mad at me. I then type in bold caps. I am not afraid of spiders but if I came face-to-face with an angry spider I would probably get scared and run away. I spend my days refurbishing my treehouse and throwing rocks at passersby and trespassers, as well as the occasional trespassersby. As I mentioned earlier, I like carrots and bacon, but i hate carrots and bacon together. Oh, I also play Nexuiz sometimes. If you read this to the end, I commend you for your patience and pity you for the apparent fact that you had nothing better to do. RANDO POWAH!

OS: Cardboard box attached to the wall of treehouse

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