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Quick Info

Other Names: Teamkiller , Tartar sauce
Clan: Tartarus
Player Model: Headhunter
Model Color:
Favorite Weapon: Every weapon which can teamkill
Preferred Game Style: Every style ,because teamkilling can be done in every one
Location: ANYWHERE
Language: GREEK

Additional Info

OS: Mac
Misc: Snape is a descendent from tartarus, meaning hell in greek. It is common to hear players saying 'IT'S SNAPE, RUN''. You think its because he's pro, right? NO! Snape is an expert in teamkilling. Hooking teammates down into oblivion or lasering people off cliffs is a common sight of what Snape can do. Snape has a 'TAT' bind, that has an auto hook that hooks the nearest person 1). [y]gunha once irritated Snape so much that he used his bind and kept him in space for almost an hour. So the most important thing, don't anger Snape. Just to inform you, SNAPE AND BEAN HAVE ACCESS TO THIS BIND!!

1) Note: such a bind can not exist --- Mr. Bougo
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