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Mik3, 2008/10/27 01:14

Hello, I was looking around the Recent changes and noticed that there are a whole bunch of pages that are not linked to anywhere else (such as Nexuiz Cheats and The Nexuiz console). I was wondering why the side bar is not editable because i was going to make the links there. If one of the people with the privilege to edit the side bar could link to these pages, that would be great.

Medjay Penguin, 2008/10/27 12:34

Mr. Bougo and 4m does

Mr. Bougo, 2008/10/28 18:24


Thanks for reporting :)

Medjay Penguin, 2008/10/27 12:42

I have a question btw:How does this work? I mean a WIKI

Medjay Penguin, 2008/10/27 17:06

There shoulds be an online list here.

Mr. Bougo, 2008/11/08 08:44

What online list? I don't get it.

Also, a wiki works by editing the content. Everyone can do it. It's a community project :-)

Medjay Penguin, 2008/11/09 21:01

To see when someone is online, like on NN.
And i mean how to make a wiki?

Mr. Bougo, 2008/11/11 17:21

Can't make a who's online list, as most people don't login. It would just show IPs.

And I didn't *make* a wiki, I used DokuWiki for this.

Medjay Penguin, 2008/11/11 18:00

i see

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