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Nexuiz Basics

Basic stuff you should know for playing nexuiz.

How to Play

Gametype Acronym How to play
Arena Arena To be the first to make a frag.
Assault AS To destroy certain objects the fastest as a team.
Capture the Flag (CTF) CTF To capture the enemy's flag by running over their flag and running it back to your base and walking through your flag.
CTS CTS To complete the course, and be the fastest.
Deathmatch DM To have the most frags.
Domination DOM To control the control points as a team for the longest.
KeyHunt KH To collect the keys the most as a team.
Last Man Standing LMS To be the last one surviving.
Nexball Nexball To score the most goals as a team.
Onslaught ONS To capture the control points and ultimately the enemy generator as a team.
Race Race To be the fastest and frag the other players.
Runematch Rune To have the most frags.
Team Deathmatch TDM To have the most frags as a team.

How to Bind

A bind is a key/function pair. They are created using the command line and can be saved in .cfg files (autoexec.cfg is executed on each start, save your binds there).

bind <key> <command>

Would bind <key> to execute <command> when pressed. A real example:

bind 0 "say Nice shot!"

Would cause you to say “Nice shot!” when you press 0.

Here are some commands you might want to use:

Command Syntax Action
bind bind <key> <command> Binds “command” to “key”
say say <stuff> Makes you say “stuff” to everyone
say_team say_team <stuff> Makes you say “stuff” to everyone

How to Create an Alias

An alias is a shortened version of a command.

Here is a basic example of a alias:

alias test "say_team this is an alias!"

If you execute “test” in the console, you will say “this is an alias!” to your team. An alias can then be bound to a key:

bind k test

Aliases can also be +/-:

alias +laser "impulse 1" //Executes "impulse 1" when the key is pressed
alias -laser "impulse 11" //Executes "impulse 11" when the key is released
bind g "+laser" //Binds g to +laser

NB: Commands in an alias must be in ”” if they are more than one word (i.e. contain spaces) and commands inside an alias must be separated with ;.

alias long "echo This is a long alias with several words; say This is another command in the same alias."

How to Save the Settings

Many settings, such as the bind command above, are automatically saved in the file nexuiz/data/config.cfg. But some, such as the alias command, are not. If you want to save this, you need to put it into a file (it does not exist, you must create it) called autoexec.cfg. This file will be executed every time you start nexuiz.
Do NOT put aliases in config.cfg. That file is completely overwritten and rewritten every time you close nexuiz.

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