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OUNS: Nexuiz Clan List

Peace Brothers


            DDDDDDDDMNDDDDDN                      I??????????
           NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD                O???? GALAX ???IZN
           8O PinkRobot OOOOOOOOO8             I??????????????????7
           OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO          O?????????????????????I
          DOOO Nekrushinski OOOOOOOO       8? EvilSoul ?????????????$
          OOOOOOOOOO8N OON8OOOOOOOON      7?????????????? FruitieX ?I
         NOOOOOOOOD    NON  NOOOOOOO8                      ?????????Z
         8OOOOOOO      O0    DO 4m OO   I? divVerent ???????????????
         OOOOOOO      DO     OOOOOOO8  ??????????????????????????8
        8OOOOOOO     NO0     NOOOOOO8  I?????????? Burning ?????IN
        OOOOOOOO  DOOOOO8    8OOOOOON  ??????????????????????????$
       NOO sYm OOO8  O8 OO  NOOOOOOO  $?? MrBougo ????????????????
       8OOOOOOOON   DO   8ODOOOOOOO8  ?????????         ??????????
      NO Slatte OODNODMMNO ohaii OD  7?????????         ?????????I
      8OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD   ????????????????????????????8
      OOO Purple Carrot OOOOOOOOO     ?????? madmonk ???????????$
     DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON     O??????????????????????????$
     OOO Rad Ished OOOOOOO8N        ?????? ToTenKopF ?????????Z
    NOOOOOOOO    ND88DN            Z??????????????????????7D


Quick Info

Founder: RedRobot
IRC: #pb.nexuiz @ (irc://
Servers: [PB] Minsta | Hook [PB] | Pink Robot's Fun Servers
About: A friendly clan with some skillful players. Always in for some fun and making towers.

Active Members (16)

Inactive Members (3)

  • RedRobot
  • Crypto
  • nIIn
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