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OUNS: Nexuiz Server List

Pink Robot's Fun Servers

Admin: PinkRobot
IRC: #pb.nexuiz (irc://
About: My servers are not online a lot because I host them from my own PC's. And we tend to refrain from using the Quit command to close the servers, we overload it until it crashes instead :P
Links: will tell you some things about my servers.
And here is a page featuring Purple Carrot's PB Funserver up-status script:

Server 1: Pink Robot's Bunker Of Mad

Peace, cheats and automobiles!

Status page:
Game type: Whatever suits our latest 'thing' best. But mostly Deathmatch with extreme weapon settings :o
About: The name says it all really, things get a bit... mad here from time to time. Being run over by the PB TAXI)) and fragged by a mega health while playing on a rotating Soylent Space... well, it's just the beginning.
This is the fastest of the two server machines I have, it's the PC I play with as well. I usually run The PB Mod by Mr. Bougo.

Server 2: Pink Robot's Laser Sumo Server

Status page:
Game type: Laser Sumo
About: I put an old 400Mhz P2 to some good use by making it into this laser-sumo server. Laser-sumo is the Arena game mode and a lot of small maps where you only have an edited laser (no damage) to knock each other off the map and into the lava/slime/void.

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