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OUNS: Nexuiz Weapon List



Ammo Type Consumption (pri) Consumption (sec) Default Keybind
Cells 2 2 5

Official info

The electro is a rather underestimated gun. Contrary to its name, it does not deal electricity damage, but rather fires plasma - understanding this will help you to use it well. The primary fire mode shoots a plasma projectile which does quite high damage on impact. It also explodes rather like a rocket or grenade, and is quite comparable in use to the Quake 2 rocket launcher. The secondary fire mode spits out balls of contained plasma that will bounce like grenades, and deal similarly high damage. Those blobs have a short trajectory and so do not get very far - but they're useful for blocking a way, or for spamming around your opponent so that he is hedged in by them. If you use the primary fire mode to hit these contained plasma blobs, they will explode more violently than without, causing a lot of extra damage. This combo is very effective in corridors and small rooms. The electro uses cell ammo which is shared with the Crylink, Heavy Laser Assault Cannon and the (minsta)nex.

More details

This weapon is a mixup of the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher. The primary attack mode fires a very fast compressed plasma ball which will explode on impact. The secondary attack mode fires a plasma ball which is highly unstable and will release the plasma after a few seconds or when it comes in contact with a player. These balls unleash even more energy when they come in contact with the primary fire.

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