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OUNS: Nexuiz Weapon List



Ammo Type Consumption (pri) Consumption (sec) Default Keybind
Cells 1 3 6

Official info

The crylink is comparable to the shotgun but shoots slow plasma projectiles; so it's harder to aim but they also do more damage. The primary fire mode shoots several bouncing projectiles at a high rate of fire and narrow spread. Each bounce causes splash damage so try to hit the floor near someone for damage from both the splash and the bullets themselves. The secondary fire mode has a wider, horizontal spread and lower rate of fire. This mode does not bounce but does more damage and is sometimes easier to aim. The crylink uses cell ammo which is shared with the Electro, Heavy Laser Assault Cannon and the (minsta)nex.

More details

The primary attack mode uses a narrow circular forcefield to reduce the spread. This is occasionally useful for attacking a single enemy. The secondary attack mode uses a flat and wide forcefield which allows to hit serveral targets at once.

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