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OUNS: Nexuiz Weapon List



Ammo Type Consumption (pri) Consumption (sec) Default Keybind
Cells 5 n/a 7

Official info

The nex is a powerful sniper weapon. Its primary fire mode fires a hitscan antimatter lance for significant damage, but requires a very precise aim, and has a relatively long reload time. The secondary fire mode activates zoom. The nex uses cell ammo which is shared with the Heavy Laser Assault Cannon, Crylink, Minsta Nex and the Electro.

More details

The Nex is the most powerful of the arsenal of weapons available to you in Nexuiz. It is an antimatter lance, firing small amounts of antimatter out of magnetic containment directly at the target at supersonic speeds, vaporizing almost anything in its path until it is absorbed by heavy mass such as stone or metal, the antimatter reaction with air around the perimeter of the beam produces a visible trail through the air. The secondary attack mode activates the zoom option.

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