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OUNS: Nexuiz Weapon List

Camping Rifle

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Ammo Type Consumption (pri) Consumption (sec) Default Keybind
Nails 10 10 3

Official info

The camping rifle is a kind of mixture of a sniper rifle and an assault gun. The primary mode is quite similar to the Nex but fires a bullet. The rate of fire is quite moderate. The secondary mode can be used to empty the whole magazine of bullets in an quick burst. This firemode is less wall piercing and has some spread to it but is deadly at mid-to-close range. The magazine is reloaded automatically if you equip the rifle. It is also the only gun that can do headshots which cause extra damage, so aim with care, as this gun can out-perform the nex. The camping rifle uses the same bullet ammo as the Machine Gun.

More details

This weapon uses a lot of ammo, so handle it with care. The magazine contains 8 bullets and takes quite some time to reload. You better not forget this in a fighting situation!

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