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OUNS: Nexuiz Player List


Quick Info

Clan: IoN
Player Model: Marine
Model Color: Red
Favorite Weapon: Nex Mortar
Preferred Game Style: 3v3CTF 2v2TDM 1v1
Location: Ontario Canada
Language: English/French

Additional Info

OS: Ubuntu

Tips that help me:

1) Be comfortable with your mouse. This includes the mouse, mouse pad and sensitivity/FOV. Keep slowly lowering the sensitivity, it should take you 9-10 inches to do a 360 degree turn.

2) Use this file named n_low.cfg. Just insert into the Nexuiz/data folder. In Nexuiz terminal exexcute the file with “exec n_low.cfg”. This will improve FPS and general gameplay. Would you rather have nice looking graphics or have the best chance to kill your enemy. Along with most of the graphics settings turned down to the lowest setting. If you ever want to go back to a default config, just delete the config.cfg file in you Nexuiz/data folder and it will bring back default settings.

3) This crosshair allows you to be able to see it at all times over any textures. To enable this crosshair: Create a new folder in Nexuiz/Data Called gfx so the folder structure would be Nexuiz/data/gfx/crosshair12.tga. Once in Nexuiz open terminal and enter “set crosshair 12”. Play around with the colour and size but I recommend a size bellow 1.0.

4) Use Headphones

5) The first thing you should work on is your movement or you will just watch the veteran players circle around you. Understand the physics of Nexuiz, you do not need to hold the forward key at all times, as long as you continue your speed you can continue bunny hopping with just holding left/right keys.

More to come....

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