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OUNS: Nexuiz Player List


Quick Info

Other Names
  • Kojn (just kidding :D:D)
  • Snipe-R
  • by your own dump yourself
  • TITTY ( . )( . )
  • Nobbie wan KeNooby
  • etc...etc.. :D

The Franco promise:
I have always been free and I will always be free, including clanlessness and erm... communitylessness or what :D

Favorite Weapons

- Nex (over 70% usage as for the DCC statistics :P)
- Mortar
- Machine Gun
- Rocket Launcher
- Reedember :P
- BFG10K
- And the strongest one: my pure personality :P

Other info

Player Model: Quark
Model Color: GreEn :D
Preferred Server: GreEn's (you can almost always find me there)
Most Frags in a Row: 86 on lavaflag, in Nexuiz 2.5-svn
Preferred Game Style: CAMPIIIING :D CAMP FOREVA' (and cap 1-2 times so you wont be cursed so much)
Location: Near the Nex :D In real life in the country of the most beautiful chicks, guess it out :P
Age: I'm so old, like shit for these lame computer games :P Btw 21
Language: Erm my mother tongue, that is not spoken by any of you for sure, and english and a lttle german.

Additional Info

Misc: I am an idiot

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