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OUNS: Nexuiz Player List


Quick Info

Other Names: snapz, ohface, RAINBOWS, ccccccc
Clan: prae
Communities: (one) The 1v1 Community
Player Model: Growly monster thing
Model Color: Invisible
Favorite Weapon: Nex/Shotgun, Mortar
Preferred Game Style: Snaps prefers not to call it a “style”. If you ask him, he will simply call it what it is: a large swath of destruction followed by maniacal laughter.
Location: Don't look behind you.
Language: Hardcore English, with semi-colons and ellipses and sh*t.

Additional Info

OS: Vista (shut up), XP, a little Ubuntu for good measure
Misc: Contrary to popular belief, ohsnapple is not named after the beverage. It's a combination of the surprised “oh!” his opponents make when he ambushes them, followed by the sound of their bones as he gibs them into oblivion. Snapz does not follow the laws of space and time. An opponent once displeased Snapz with his dishonorable taunting during a game, so Snapz mortared him in real life and wore his skin as a costume to work for dress-down Friday.

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