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The PB Mod

The incredible PB mod! Made for the Peace Brothers but suitable for anyone!



  • PB mode! It's the very first feature of the PB mod, it originated from divVerent, before he was a PB. I decided to include that in something bigger. The PB mode allows players to use any model they want as player model... Be it a rocket, a CTF flag, or even... a map! Yep, BSPs are supported :-D. Though they aren't solid :-P.
  • A Mortar modification: the secondary fire shoots gibs or skulls!
  • Bouncing Laser shots.
  • The Hagar secondary fire bounce amount is also customizable.
  • Featuring an announcer that drank too much.
  • A fix for clones: they stand up till they die! :o And they are giant if you are too!
  • The Clonespawn modification! Demo on YouTube
    • Entity spawning clones, triggered by any trigger entity.
    • Customizable: random or fixed colors, playermodel, velocity, spawn frequency, clone lifetime, effects!
    • Ingame editor.


The PB mod is a modification of the Nexuiz code. It is coded in QuakeC. It is not really a mod, as it completely replaces the Nexuiz code, so I have to maintain it to keep it up to date. The mod is based on the SVN trunk, it may be buggy (actually, bugs are fun for the PB's).

I used a technique I had never seen used before for Nexuiz modification (sadly). I'm renaming the progs.dat to pbprogs.dat, and the config file initializing the mod makes Nexuiz use that one pbprogs.dat gamecode through the sv_progs cvar. So you'll need to exec clonespawn.cfg on your server to run the mod.

Get it!

Well, you'll have to ask me for that one... The best way to do so is to see if I'm around on QuakeNet's #nexuiz channel, or #ouns (which you can access from here: OUNS IRC). If I'm not there, you can always mail me on
The reason is that I update the code every time we run it on Pink Robot's Fun Servers, before joining it. And it often ends late in the evening, and I'm too lazy to update the page then.

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