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Minsta (short for MinstaGib) is commonly used as a mutator for Deathmatch. In Minsta the only weapon available is the Minsta Nex. On some servers the Port-O-Launch is also available. The primary fire of the Minsta Nex is a one hit kill, but the secondary fire inflicts no damage, instead acting as a standard laser. Mega healths give a player extra lives. The strength (transparent blue symbol) makes a player invisible for a short amount of time, and the shield (transparent red symbol) gives a player extra speed for a short amount of time. When a player runs out of ammo for the Minsta Nex the player has 10 seconds to find more or they will die.
Although minsta is technically a mutator, it's popularity in conjunction with DM has led to the conception of minsta being a gametype. When a server is described as a “minsta server”, it's usually referring to minstagib.
Commands for minstagib:

Command What it controlls
g_minstagib Turns on/off minstagib.
g_minstagib_ammo_drop How much ammo is gained per pickup.
g_minstagib_ammo_start How much ammo players spawn with.
g_minstagib_extralives How many extra lives are given per pickup.
g_minstagib_invis_alpha How translucent the players are when they pick up invisibility.
g_minstagib_speed_jumpheight How high players jump with speed.
g_minstagib_speed_moverate How fast players move with speed.
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